Interior Design

The professional and sophisticated design team at Elicyon are adept at discovering and bringing to fruition the vision of our clients. We are experienced in all forms of luxury design, from large scale bespoke joinery and custom-made statement items through to intricate embroidery details on sumptuous fabrics. Our skill is in ensuring that each piece is fundamental to the scheme and is produced to the highest specification. Rather than following a distinct house style, Elicyon ensures that every project they undertake stays true to the initial brief from the client, perfectly tailored to their needs, their personal taste and lifestyle.

The extensive and detailed presentations created by the design team are the first stage of any project. These are tailored to each client to allow them to visualise every aspect of the design. Each client presentation will typically include inspirational sketches and photo-realistic CGI graphics, in addition to rendered floor plans and a selection of sample boards featuring colour palettes of varying materials and fabrics. Many of our clients are either based overseas or frequently travel for long periods of time. Presentations can be communicated digitally, or if desired, hard bound copies of all the design information can be shipped overnight to any global location.

Located in the heart of Chelsea’s thriving and extensive design district, Elicyon is perfectly situated to take advantage of the infinite wealth of British and international suppliers that are nearby. The design team are therefore attuned to the most innovative trends and developments in materials and finishes. The team are extremely proficient in sourcing collectors pieces, or carefully considered works of art or furniture that will complement and augment the overall value of the property.

The key to great design is to capture the spirit and personality of the client. All design should be visually powerful, elegant and timeless, whether it is classic or contemporary.

Throughout each project Elicyon collaborate with preeminent manufacturers and expert artisans to design and produce beautiful pieces. While we focus on British craftsmanship, we often source and commission pieces internationally. Our sole aim is to find the leading artisans in any field of expertise. Regardless of the scope or the budget we ensure that each project is outstanding and unique. When commissioning bespoke or custom-made pieces, Elicyon completes an exhaustive process of quality control to guarantee perfection and impeccable levels of finish. Before any piece is delivered to the site, members of the team travel to the manufacturers factory or design facilities to view them fully assembled. This diligent approach ensures that each piece is faultless when it arrives at its destination.

More Services

Elicyon takes a truly holistic and comprehensive overview of each project, so that every aspect of the scheme is fully integrated and cohesively in line with the clients brief. The architectural design team consider how best to creatively explore and enhance every aspect of the available space, implementing functionality alongside aesthetics. They are well versed in providing all the internal services including state-of-the-art AV and lighting systems. With extensive knowledge of heritage matters and building regulations, the team is recognised for their construction drawing packages.

The Elicyon Project Management team perform a crucial role in the successful completion of each project. They oversee the entire process from the draft stages of the concept design through construction to installation and on-going maintenance. They coordinate and oversee every element of the project; directing the consultant team and supervising the contractors. Most importantly, the Project Managers ensure that each assignment is completed on time and within budget. Under their direction our clients can remain confident that the finished project will exceed their expectations.