We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’d like to apply, please email your CV and portfolio to us on careers@elicyon.com.

Perks and Rewards


Flexible Hours

You can flex your 8-hour working day around the core hours of 10 am to 5 pm, allowing for earlier or later starts to suit your travel, childcare, or lifestyle needs. Early bids can do an 8 am to 5 pm day (with an hour's lunch break) or if you aren't a morning person or want to have family time in the morning, you can do a 10 am to 7 pm day.

Flexible combo of Studio and Working from Home

We believe in a Studio-centric culture as our baseline. We believe that it enables us to design, collaborate and learn together most effectively. We do also see the merits in a combination of Studio and WFH. We currently operate a 3-2 hybrid, and foresee a gradual increase to 4 days in the Studio over time. We plan to maintain a minimum 1 day working from home for the foreseeable.

3-day annual allowance for remote working

Each employee will be eligible to work remotely for a maximum of 3 days per year. Meaning that per calendar year, each employee is entitled to 3 days remote working, whereby they can work outside of commuting distance, or abroad. As long as usual responsibilities and requirements can be met through a secure internet connection and time differences will not impact the performance and deliverables of projects, then this will need to be booked in and approved with the project lead. Employees will be expected to work the UK core hours, unless expressly agreed. The employee will be required to cover costs of internet connection and comms.

Annual Bonus

We operate an annual bonus scheme. We believe our team should be rewarded for doing a great job and contributing to the Studio's success. Whether to award a bonus and, if so, the amount, is decided by the company, in its discretion taking into account factors such as the company's performance in the year and the employee's performance against their objectives. Objectives are agreed and set by each employee and their line manager at the Annual Reviews each October. If due, the bonus is normally paid in November and May in two halves.

Pension Scheme

We encourage our team to save for their future and contribute over the minimum requirement. The minimum requirement from April 2019 is for an employee to contribute 4% and employer 3%, however, if you increase your contribution to 6%, we will increase ours from 3% and contribute 4%.We also allow the option to contribute your gross bonus towards your pension saving.

Mental wellbeing

We believe that looking after your mental health is as important as physical. We provide free access to a virtual therapist and counselling platform called Spill, which allows team members to use as and when they like. Access is kept confidential from any other team member; it is purely between the individual and the member of the Spill team.

Physical wellbeing = on site gym

We pay for a complimentary membership to the onsite gym for employees. It's a fully equipped Nuffield Health gym with classes and fitness induction - located just a stone's throw from The Studio in Kensington village.

Regular Team Building

We like celebrating things and going out together as a team - past years events have included a miniature golf tournament, our annual staff picnic and 'sports day', celebratory lunches on project completions, drinks and payday prosecco on the last Thursday of each month. Throughout lockdown, we kept in touch with virtual quizzes and Patty & Bun burger making evenings!

Summer Fridays

To make the most of the English summer, we end the week early at 3.30pm or 4.30 pm on Fridays in the Summer months of June, July and August.

Christmas Closure

Teamwide downtime! Subject to project workload, we close every year from Christmas to the first working day in the new year. This is in addition to your annual holiday allowance and averages to three to four days per year - call it our Christmas present to you!

The longer you stay, the more you can holiday!

When you have a 21-day holiday allowance, once you have completed 2 years with us, you get 1 further day of holiday for each year completed, up to a total of 4 further days leave.

A trip to Paris on your 5th Anniversary

We are proud to have several team members who have been at Elicyon for 5 years or more. When (not if!) you get to that milestone, we will treat you to a trip to Paris. Two Eurostar tickets and two nights in a hotel for two during the week, with a couple of extra days of holiday thrown in for good measure to cover your time away!

Note: the above are in place at the time of issue but remain discretionary and are subject to change

The workplace Nursery Scheme

Workplace Nursery is a Partnership between your employer and a nursery which can deliver significant savings off your nursery fees. The workplace nursery benefit allows you to save tax and National Insurance on the full cost of your nursery fees each month. The amount you can save is not capped, as it is with the Tax Free Childcare or Childcare Voucher benefit. For parents using a nursery for the care of their child and who pay more than £650 a month, the workplace nursery benefit delivers considerably better savings. The other advantages are that, the monthly fees are paid in total so you don’t have to remember to pay a “top up” to the nursery as you would with childcare vouchers or TFC.