Elicyon has an experienced, highly qualified and dynamic team of Interior Designers, Architects, Technicians and Project Managers specialising in multiple aspects of design.

The Directors
Elicyon Directors

The key members of the team have amassed a wealth of experience, and are highly qualified and accomplished. They have gone on to undertake projects with a global reach, such as One Hyde Park in London, townhouses in Belgravia, villas in the Middle East and developments in both New York and Los Angeles. Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon, is a registered Architect and has worked in the field of architecture and interior design for close to two decades. Together, Charu and the Elicyon team provide a personal, accomplished service to clients; creating exquisite homes with a scrupulous attention to detail that demonstrates their passion for uniqueness, materiality and craft.

Charu Gandhi Pominkiewicz

Charu Gandhi Pominkiewicz

Carving out a creative practice unique to her, Charu Gandhi sought and succeeded to unify her ardour of craftsmanship with the prowess of her rigorous architectural career in the founding of Elicyon in 2014.
Having joined Allies & Morrison Architects’ London office in 2006, Charu is a RIBA and ARB qualified architect, whose passion for the discipline expanded beyond studying the craft, leading her to teach at the Architectural Association where she had previously read. Moving on to the Candy & Candy group in 2011, Charu blossomed within the international scale of her role – calling upon her global upbringing, and her subsequent expertise and experience of the world’s varied, vibrant cultures. Developing an extraordinary portfolio of commissions traversing across South Asia and Africa, as well as sites closer to home, Charu’s practice is fundamentally – and unquestionably – thoughtful; creatively capitalising on mindful, historical and cultural influences, composed from a life of wonder, adventure and artistry.

Cecilia Halling Howells

Creative Director
Cecilia Halling Howells

Championing the innovation and uniqueness at the core of Elicyon across her creative role as interior designer, Creative Director Cecilia Halling specializes in transforming indoor builds into tailored and quality spaces. With her approach to design stemming from her Swedish origins, Cecilia combines the clean lines of her Scandinavian heritage with the luxury of today’s contemporary design.
A registered interior designer – certified with the BIID and a member of SBID – Cecilia previously worked across the design teams at Candy & Candy and Morpheus London, resulting in a prolific portfolio of international builds from across the world’s most revered districts.

James Ford

Finance Director
James Ford

Elicyon’s Finance Director James Ford optimizes a project, expertly working across client relations, management and funds, to help fulfil the vision.
James’ commercial and administrative skills leave no other option than long-term success and growth. From his knowledge of corporate strategy and financial knowhow, to his insight across business risk and governance, James joins us with over two decades of leading industry experience.