Creating Tailored Interiors with Bespoke Interior Design

Project Sable, Photographer Credit: Patrick Williamson

Bespoke interior design tailors spaces to reflect individual preferences and needs with a sophisticated approach. It goes beyond standard design practices, focusing on custom solutions that enhance each space's unique characteristics. This makes sure the final design works well and reflects the client's personality and style. We design each piece to fit perfectly into the overall design. This could be a custom bookshelf, a tailored sofa, or a unique lighting fixture. Each item is carefully crafted to seamlessly blend with the rest of the decor.

What is Bespoke Interior Design?

Bespoke interior design centres on personalisation, beginning with understanding client needs. Our experience demonstrates how tailored design and custom-made furniture, from bookshelves to lighting, transform spaces into personalised interiors where every element fits perfectly.

Project Sable, Photographer Credit: Patrick Williamson

The Bespoke Design Process: From Concept to Completion

Initial Consultation

The process starts with an in-depth consultation to understand the client's vision, lifestyle, and specific needs. This involves detailed discussions about preferences, inspirations, and functional requirements.

Design Development

Based on the consultation, the design team develops a concept that integrates the client's desires with practical considerations. This includes creating mood boards, sketches, and 3D renderings to visualise the design. These tools help clients see their ideas come to life and allow for adjustments.

Material Selection

The focus then shifts to selecting materials and finishes. This includes everything from custom fabrics for upholstery to unique stone for countertops. High-quality materials are chosen for their beauty and functionality, ensuring they fit within the overall design scheme.


Customisation is key as each piece is custom-built to fit perfectly within the overall design. This includes bookshelves, sofas, and lighting fixtures. Each item is tailored to match the design seamlessly. This level of detail ensures that each element contributes to the harmony and uniqueness of the space.


Skilled craftsmen and contractors bring the design to life. This stage requires close attention to ensure that every aspect of the design is done correctly. It involves planning the layout, placing furniture, choosing lighting, and adding decorations to the home. Regular site visits and close collaboration with contractors keep the project true to the vision.

Final Touches

The final phase involves adding finishing touches that complete the look and feel of the space. This includes accessories, artwork, and other elements that enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality. These touches make a space truly bespoke, adding personality and character.

Elicyon’s Approach: Transforming Spaces

Elicyon, a leader in bespoke interior design and interior architecture, exemplifies this meticulous and transformative approach. One of their standout projects, the Westminster Penthouse, showcases how bespoke design can elevate a space. In our Westminster Penthouse project, every detail is curated to perfection. The monolithic marble coffee table with striking purple veining serves as a central architectural element. This table grounds the space and adds elegance. The design of the home includes the layout, furniture placement, lighting, and decorative elements.

Stone-clad panelling in the corridor, softened by plaster wall sconces, creates a gentle glow in the evenings. A soft, neutral palette maximises the flow of natural light, enhancing the sense of space. We opted to not include a rug to make the interior more spacious and the artwork on the walls is evenly spaced, creating a nice flow in the room. It involves creating spaces that mirror the residents' individual style and way of life.

Project Sable, Photographer Credit: Patrick Williamson

Creating a Journey Through Space and Light

Our attention to detail is evident throughout our Westminster Penthouse. A sculpture on a plinth at the end of the corridor draws you forward, offering glimpses of stunning views beyond. This thoughtful placement creates a journey through the space, where each detail contributes to the overall experience. The panelling in the corridor is stone-clad, softened by plaster wall sconces that bring a gentle glow in the evenings, enhancing the light and ambiance of the corridor.

Seamless Transitions: Indoor to Outdoor

Outdoor spaces are crucial in bespoke interior design. In our Westminster Penthouse project, the wrap-around terrace is perfect for outdoor entertaining. The furniture placement maximises space, and interconnecting doors provide a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor areas. This seamless movement from the living room to the terrace exemplifies Elicyon’s approach to creating cohesive, functional spaces.

Project Sable, Photographer Credit: Patrick Williamson

The Impact of Bespoke Design

Bespoke interior design goes beyond aesthetics. It involves designing spaces that mirror the individuality and lifestyle of the people who live there. By focusing on customisation and attention to detail, bespoke design transforms spaces into personal sanctuaries that offer beauty and functionality. At Elicyon, we specialise in interior design and interior architecture. We take a comprehensive approach to custom design projects. This ensures that every element, from cushions to floors to benches, creates a unified and harmonious space. The Westminster Penthouse we designed shows how bespoke interior design can make spaces functional and beautiful.

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