Interior Design Trends in 2024


Photographer - Nick Smith

International interior designer, architect and Elicyon founder Charu Gandhi reveals the top interior design trends she believes will take centre stage in 2024. Read more about her predictions for the most prominent interior design trends in 2024. This year has seen Elicyon complete some of our most exciting projects to date, and we are noticing a big shift in what our clients are asking us for. From a harmonious blend of natural materials, organic shapes, earthy tones and sustainability to embracing exquisite textures, jewel tones, and craftsmanship, these are the trends we notice the most. These will likely influence people's homes in 2024 interior design and home decor.

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Photographer - Nick Smith

Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Textural stone

2023 saw a lot of experimentation with texture in homes. From bouclé sofas to heavy piled rugs, homeowners increasingly want to add texture to their living spaces. This includes using open-grain stones such as untreated travertine - a material renowned for its distinctive texture, bringing a raw and elemental touch to interior spaces. At Elicyon, we often use travertine for table tops and surfaces to add depth and texture to a space and introduce sandblasted and weathered marbles for a softer and visually intriguing alternative. Red travertine tabletops, hand-painted motifs, and intricate tile designs can all enhance the tactility of a space.

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Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Sustainable Design Takes Centre Stage

Whether in the choice of wood, paint, wall coverings or flooring, the interior design industry continues to embrace more sustainable practices, with homeowners and design enthusiasts following suit. From incorporating recycled and reconstituted stone, promoting a conscious drive towards eco-friendly living, or opting for renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials over environmentally harmful alternatives, 2024 will be heavily influenced by sustainability in design. As a studio, we always offer our clients a full array of options when planning a project, this includes eco-conscious and sustainable options. Increasingly, the most sustainable and considerate options are becoming the go-to choice of our clients.

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Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Nature’s Influence

In 2024, nature's impact on interior design is poised to reach new heights. From colour palettes to lighting preferences and decorative accessories, elements inspired by the natural world will take centre stage. This emerging trend underscores the integration of natural components into interior spaces, fostering a seamless and harmonious connection with the environment. To add texture, the resurgence of dark timber and robust grains paired with natural tones and materials such as jute, linen and coarse wool work together to improve ambience and allow the space to breathe. Organic forms and natural colour palettes in the home offer a deeper connection to the environment around us, which is proven to release feel-good hormones such as endorphins, creating happier homes.

A Renaissance of Ironmongery

Elicyon has long championed exceptional craftsmanship and continues to work with talented individuals to create one-off pieces for the studio's projects. This is particularly evident in the case of bespoke ironmongery, which is experiencing a unique resurgence. Featuring unconventional shapes and personalised designs infused with specialist details, ironmongery and bespoke fixings can completely change the look and feel of a home. Through customisation, homeowners are stamping their personality onto their interiors.

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Photographer - Patrick Williamson

Elevated Personal Grooming

This last year has seen a big change in living habits and what people seek in their homes' design. We are noticing that clients are taking charge of their grooming routines, opting to do their hair and makeup at home, and embracing self-expression and empowerment, meaning that dressing rooms and vanity areas are becoming increasingly important in the home. People's homes and interior design choices will reflect their increasingly modern lifestyles by incorporating thoughtful dressing areas equipped with high-performance technology such as LED face masks, daily facial oxygenation wands, and hair stylers.

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