Elicyon: The Studio

Elicyon: A Luxury Interior Designers

The Studio

Elicyon, a paradigm of luxury in London's interior design scene, has redefined the concept of luxury interiors. Founded by Charu Gandhi, the design studio is where artistic vision and interior design merge to create spaces that embody sophistication and elegance.

Elicyon as a Brand

Distinctive and client-focused, Elicyon stands out for its exceptional creativity, craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to client service. Their signature is to create visually stunning environments and spaces that are deeply personal and reflect the essence of their clients. Elicyon stands out for blending modern trends with classic elegance, offering unmatched luxury in design.

Chelsea Barracks Development
Chelsea Barracks Development

Chelsea Barracks Development. Photographer credit Michael Sinclair

Elicyon's Design Philosophy

Elicyon focuses on actively understanding and addressing the specific needs of its clients, ensuring each design reflects their individual preferences and lifestyle. Their approach is not just about aesthetics but about mirroring individual lifestyles and personalities in their designs.

Diversity and Expertise

Elicyon's portfolio is a vibrant showcase of their versatility and commitment to excellence. From opulent residences in London's elite neighbourhoods to bespoke commercial spaces worldwide, Elicyon's work is a testament to their mastery of balancing luxury with functionality. The meticulous selection of materials, innovative design solutions, and obsessive attention to detail hallmark every project they undertake.

Chelsea Townhouse
Chelsea Townhouse

Chelsea Townhouse Photographer credit Michael Sinclair

Sustainability and Innovation

Elicyon's commitment to sustainability and innovation is a response to the growing environmental consciousness in design. The studio makes use of eco-friendly materials and smart technologies, ensuring their projects are luxurious but also responsible and forward-thinking. This approach has cemented Elicyon's place at the vanguard of luxury interior design, marrying opulence with sustainability. Beyond the physical elements of design, Elicyon focuses on creating immersive experiences. Each space they design is a narrative, an emotive journey tailored to resonate with the client. This philosophy has enabled Elicyon to transcend the typical boundaries of interior design, creating felt and lived spaces, not just seen. Elicyon's global reach and influence extends beyond London, impacting global luxury interior design trends. Their international projects blend local cultural elements with Elicyon's distinctive style, showcasing their flexibility and global appeal. This global footprint is a testament to their ability to understand and beautifully translate visions into reality, regardless of geographical boundaries.


Elicyon's engagement with the broader design community further exemplifies their leadership role. By participating in design panels, workshops, and mentorship programmes, Elicyon actively shapes the future of interior design, inspiring new talent and fostering industry innovation. Elicyon's journey is more than a story of design excellence; it is a legacy of redefining luxury interior design. Their blend of creativity, technical expertise, and a client-centric approach continues to influence the industry, setting new benchmarks in luxury, sustainability, and personalised design experiences.

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