Milan Design Week in Review

An Immersive Design Experience at L'Appartamento by Artemest

We are grateful to have been invited to participate in this year’s L’Appartamento by Artemest in April 2024. It was a whirlwind week, meeting all the other talented designers and getting ready for the VIP preview.

Crafting the Cocktail Room: A Journey Through Time

In conceptualising the cocktail room of L’Appartamento, our vision was to weave a contemporary narrative inspired by classical elements, reminiscent of the old manor houses where anticipation bubbled in the air before grand gatherings. Drawing from this historical context, we crafted an immersive experience that pays homage to the building's illustrious past while injecting a vibrant energy that resonates with its essence.

A Storytelling Design Approach

Our design approach is deeply rooted in storytelling, and for this project, we sought to echo the whispers of countless cocktail parties that once animated these walls. It was imperative to infuse the space with a sense of original spirit and excitement, seamlessly blending the past with the present.

Celebrating Italian Craftsmanship and Heritage

Central to our concept was the celebration of Italian craftsmanship and heritage. We meticulously curated pieces from the Artemest collection, selecting those that echoed the elegance and charm of both the early and mid-20th century, yet embraced contemporary nuances. The result is a harmonious fusion that speaks of evolution and progression, rather than a stark contrast between old and new.

The Role of Texture in Creating Sensory Ambience

Texture played a pivotal role in creating a sensorial ambience within the room. Soft, enveloping upholstery-adorned armchairs and a wraparound sofa invite guests to sink into a cocoon of comfort. Beyond aesthetics, these tactile elements also served a practical purpose, enhancing the acoustics of the space and contributing to an immersive experience.

Every detail, from suspended rugs to hand-painted wallpaper, was carefully curated to enhance the tactile richness of the environment, enveloping visitors in a sanctuary of softness and depth. Ultimately, our goal was to craft an atmosphere where every guest embarks on a journey of discovery, immersed in the soulful grandeur and heritage of L’Appartamento.

Thank you, Artemest, for including us, and congratulations to the other designers on their beautiful spaces! GACHOT, Rottet Studio, Studio Meshary AlNassar, Tamara Feldman Design, and VSHD Design.

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